Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 1 (January 18 - 22) Post: What are the characteristics I will need to be successful in this MOOC? I'm not taking this course for credit, but rather the experience of participating in a MOOC. So it will be important that I stay focused and identify what my goals are for completing this class. Goal 1: Understand MOOCs and how their use can impact learning for teachers and students Because I'm taking the class for personal learning, I'm mainly taking this class to determine if/how MOOCs can be used within my job to promote either professional development or increase technology skills of teachers and students. Goal 2: Hone/improve my technology skills I find that I don't "practice" my skills enough. I've had a Twitter account, a blogspot, a Pinterest account and a variety of other new tech tools that I play with but don't invest the time to become super proficient at. So my hope is that I use this opportunity to do this. Goal 3: Complete the assignments in a timely manner. I'm very worried about being able to meet the deadlines in this class. Even though I'm not taking it for credit; part of the experience in the MOOC is the PLN. I want to connect with people across the state, country and world with people who share the desire to improve their technology skills. Intro Video: Twitter Name: kathyport